What do we do?

We are nurses, professionals, leaders, and hard workers like you. Tired of being burned out, overworked, and taken advantage of, we decided to make a difference. The Code Team is a global educational platform and support system designed for nurses by nurses.


Join a growing, global support system focused on the well-being, growth, and professional connections that we need as nurses to truly



The Code Team offers education specially crafted for the unique needs of the professional nurse. The curiculum focuses on professional development, work life balance, healing, and transformational growth. Make your profession your dream career, whether it's at the bedside, in your own practice, or in the community.


Transformational support for the exceptional nurse is our mission. Nurses heal the world. Now it's time to take care of nurses in return. Our support system is available via chat, email, groups, online classes, and in-person events. We are #nursestrong

Hi, I’m Riva.

I put together all of the things I needed and was searching for. I knew other nurses out there had to feel the same way I did. Stop burnout in nurses and learn the tools to make your career your dream. Be able to transform your personal and professional selves and walk away from burnout… instead of your hard won professional careers. I know what it took to get here.

Now you can join our community and get real support, real enrichment and the tools to make your professional life the success you want while saving your personal life from the chronic stress and painful burnout.

Riva, founder

What do you offer? How do I get it?

FAQ about our educational platform, seminars, and corporate events.


Online, Lifetime Access

Our trainings focus on specific key areas where immediate intervention can be applied to affect change. Each course is fully self contained and designed to achieve optimum results and tangible, measurable success.



In-Person and Virtual

We hold three day and five day intensive seminars to teach each program in an intimate, up close setting. This allows attendees to get the full benefit and experience of the courses, plus the interaction and next level that guarantees success in implementation. Seminars are perfect for leadership development, capstone course events, and any team building exercises.

Small Group Sizes

All courses function virtually online, while students participate in small group sessions. This is facilitated by the use of exclusive focus groups that students are given full access to during the course. In these groups are live discussions, live trainings, and feature live webinars by esteemed professionals.

Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Leadership Development, Team Building

If you wish to hold a seminar event but on a larger scale unique to your organization, please contact us via email. We have several formats available depending on the educational and presentation needs of your company.

Growth Path

Growth Path

Individualized learning

Each student has an individual growth trajectory and path of success. The curriculum and events are designed to meet the unique individual needs of each student while ensuring maximum results.

Content Access

Content Access

Multiple platforms

Students retain lifetime access to the materials and lessons. In addition they also have lifetime access to the resources, texts, and downloadable content.
We are committed to lasting success and satisfaction!

Courses Available

The most powerful tools you can learn!

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The Why…

The reason The Code Team is here is simple. You. The story behind it however, is incredible. It's a personal and significant journey in my life.

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